About Us

Ohio Valley Energy is a locally owned and operated company, with headquarters in Austintown, Ohio. The company and its predecessor have been in business since 1986. Our management team has been instrumental in the development of over 1,000 wells. Ohio Valley Energy specializes in the development of oil and gas wells in urban and rural areas. We own and operate more than 250 oil and gas wells and own interests in an additional 350 wells, all in Ohio and Pennsylvania. The majority of the 100 wells we’ve developed in northeast Ohio since 2004 are in neighborhoods where several dozen homeowners share in the profits of the wells.

Through an associated company, Wildcat Drilling LLC, we have access to a drilling rig that has drilled over 850 wells. This ensures that drilling isn’t dependent on the schedule of an outside drilling company.

We attribute our success to three key factors:

  • Experienced Professionals. We have long-term professionals managing every aspect of our business. Read more.
  • Revenue for Landowners. We provide payments upon drilling as well as ongoing royalty payments. Read more.
  • Care and Respect for Property. Ohio Valley Energy takes pride in our well sites. Read more.