Questions to Ask

If you are considering drilling for gas and oil on your property here are the questions you should ask
any drilling company.

  1. Ask the Ohio Division of Mineral Resources Management or the Ohio Oil and Gas Association about the company proposing the lease.
  2. Check the company’s references.
  3. How many wells has the company drilled in Northeast Ohio?
  4. Does the company fund their own drilling or do they have outside investors to raise the money needed?
  5. Does the company own a drilling rig? If not, has the company confirmed drilling rig availability from the drilling contractor?
  6. Is a trained geologist involved with identifying the company’s drilling locations?
  7. Does the person trying to acquire the lease work directly for the company that will own and operate the well, or will they be selling the lease to another company?
  8. What is the monetary consideration the company is offering? (Royalty percentage, signing bonus, annual allotment of free gas)
  9. Is the landowner given the right to approve the location of the drill site, equipment and access road?
  10. Does the company use a professional landscaper for the final reclamation of the drill site and for landscaping around the equipment areas?
  11. Is the landowner involved in creating the final landscaping plan?