Landowner Group

The Benefits of Joining Ohio Valley Energy’s Landowner Group

Find out how to combine your acreage with ours to achieve the highest dollar for your land.

Let our Oil and Gas Professionals negotiate for you!
•Highest dollar for your land
•Ongoing royalties for property owners
•Domestic energy which reduces our reliance on foreign resources
•Providing domestic jobs
•Supporting local communities
•Cleanest burning hydrocarbon

We welcome the opportunity to work together with landowners to negotiate the best deal available.
•OVE is currently negotiating for our own 10,000 gross acres
•Strength in numbers creates stronger bargaining power
•OVE has local knowledge and expertise
•OVE will work to protect your land and your rights

How long has Ohio Valley Energy been in business?
OVE and its predecessor company have been in business since 1986. Our management team has been instrumental in the development of over 1,000 wells. We own and operate over 250 oil and gas wells in Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Who governs the oil and gas development process?
The Ohio Department of Natural Resources (Division of Mineral Resources Management) closely regulates safety, environmental protection and all other aspects pertaining to the development of oil and gas wells.

What is the Utica Shale?
An unconventional source rock that is being developed in northeast Ohio. The Utica Shale lies between 7,000-9,000 feet in northeast Ohio.

Do I have to sign anything?
OVE is asking you to sign a Letter of Intent. This provides OVE the approval to negotiate for you.

What are the different types of leases?
Leases can either be development or non-development. A development lease will include access to the surface of the land for drilling and operating the well. A non-development lease is for the use of the subsurface minerals only. Both leases share in the landowner royalty of the well.

Why should I join a Landowner Group?
The powerful combination of a landowner group and our knowledge allows for an optimal bargaining position maximizing every landowner’s financial benefit.

Contact Kelly Clarke for information (330) 799-2268.

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